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Test Subjects wanted!

Test subjects Wanted!
for Embodied Empathy in groups

by Theodora Kotsi-Felici, Valeria Gazzola and Celia Gavanozi
15/08/2020 and 16/08/2020
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As part of the project “Embodied Empathy in groups” for Charlois Speciaal, artist Theodora Kotsi-Felici, cooperating with neuroscientist Valeria Gazzola and research assistant Celia Gavanozi, has set up a series of unique experiments.

These experiments investigate the impact of social distancing and other corona measures on people’s spontaneous interactions.

We are looking for test subjects for this research!

Each experiment takes about 45 minutes and consists of a number of tasks and interactive games that are fun to do.
The experiments will take place on Saturday 15 and Sunday August 16 2020 at Katendrechtse Lagedijk 450.

A maximum of ten participants are allowed in each session.
Based on these experiments, the artist will set up an interactive installation in November, which will be made available to the public in December 2020.
You are welcome to participate in one of these unique experiments.

Would you like to participate? Then register using the form below.

Reserveren Embodied Empathy In Groups by Theodora Kotsi-Felici

Reserveren Embodied Empathy In Groups by Theodora Kotsi-Felici

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Sunday August 16 2020 11.00 - 12.00 is SOLD OUT

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23 juli 2020


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